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UNIDO - Observatory for Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

E-Learning Module: Small Hydro Energy

The objective of this module it is present the theoretical basis relating to the study of a hydroelectric at a certain site development, as well as to present the different types of small hydroelectric power plants and their components; since the civil engineering work to the electromechanical equipment. 

The most important objectives of this module are: 


  • To understand the hydraulic resource available in a particular location, to determine the net head and the flow of equipment is evaluated 
  • Defining the typology of the hydroelectric power plant can be installed at each site, as well as all its components related to civil construction. 
  • Understand the operation of hydraulic turbines, the types that can be used and the process of selection of the optimal turbine. 
  • Define and design the electromechanical equipment of the plant. 
  • Analyze the different operating modes and system automation and control. 
  • To study the environmental impact involved in the installation of a hydro power plant.
  • Consider economic aspects and study the economic profitability.
  • Feasibility study for a hydroelectric development applied to an specific area of LAC region.

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