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UNIDO - Observatory for Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean


The Observatory for Renewable Energy has developed two different applications to enable its agents (Ministries of Energy of the respective countries, academia, institutions dealing with energy matters, suppliers….) to obtain technical data in the field of renewables which focuses specifically on the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. These applications are:


The Geo-referenced Information System for Renewable Energy (GIS): The GIS is a tool to present a set of technical data related to the energy field that can be seen in interactive online maps. The GIS for Renewable Energy shows effectively the location of different energy sources in the LAC region, the production potential, the existing generating systems using renewable energy, experts and institutions related to renewable, etc.


The Knowledge Platform: The Knowledge Platform has the mission of promoting cooperation between the countries of the region and, more specifically, amongst the energy agents of each country, in order to provide them a tool to share technologies, successful experiences, information on specific projects, existing financing mechanisms, successful legal practices and any information that could be helpful to promoting the local, national and regional investment situation in the field of renewable energy.


The Knowledge Platform is supported by an information based software that will allow the fluid exchange of knowledge amongst its users, who are connected to a network through the Internet. The information found in the Knowledge Platform has been placed in perfect order and classified according to the different disciplines that the issue encompasses:

  • Technological Area: Comprises a selection, adaptation and validation of renewable energy technologies in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Regulatory Framework: Consists of the legal framework, financial instruments and public policies of each country.
  • Managerial Area: Focuses on strengthening specific action for implementation capacities in this field.
  • Educational and Cultural Area: Refers to a consolidation of an appropriate educational scenario.

The information of the Knowledge Platform has been classified based on geographic criteria, so that any user interested in a particular country of the region can access the information that refers to the geographic parameter used. Also, through the utilization of a search browser offered by the platform, users can access in a fast and direct way the information contained in the different areas of the platform.


The Software of the Knowledge Platform, which has been developed by UNIDO, is based on an open source.