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UNIDO - Observatory for Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean


In line with the Observatory’s aim to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs by increasing access to modern energy services and promoting renewable energy technologies for productive uses and industrial applications in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, the Observatory is working towards the achievement of the following expected outcomes:

  • Increased access to renewable energy knowledge in LAC
  • Increased renewable energy investments in the LAC region
  • Established Renewable Energy Centre/s of Excellence operative in the LAC region, that offer to the LAC countries – in particular to the governments and the private sector -, advisory and technical assistance services on renewable energy related issues and facilitate the exchange of know-how and best practices at the regional and global level as well as project implementation.


In order to do so the following outputs / activities are being carried out:

  • Put in operation and regular update of a Renewable Energy Portal and Renewable Energy Knowledge Platform
  • Development of Specialized Reports
  • Development and set up of a Renewable Energy Cartographic System
  • Organization of Technical Workshops
  • Establishment of a Technical-Financial Facility in liaison with a financial national or regional institution
  • Creation of a Portfolio of Projects per country.
  • Development of a Feasibility Study of the Renewable Energy Centre/s of Excellence
  • Organization of additional regional workshops to discuss and validate the business- and workplan as well as the structure of the Renewable Energy Centre/s Excellence.
  • Design and implementation of a Fund Raising campaign.