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UNIDO - Observatory for Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

E-Learning Module: Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The objective of this module is that the student gets the capability to analyze buildings on an energy basis, incorporating to his/her knowledge the techniques and concepts of energy efficient in buildings. The module includes not only the energetic aspects of the architectonic design but also the integration of active solar systems of energy supply for space conditioning.

Specific Objectives

  • To understand energy efficiency in building concepts, the influence of the different boundary variables such as climate and the importance of considering the different climates existing in the Latin America and the Caribbean area in the bioclimatic design.
  • To know the basis of the natural thermal conditioning’s techniques (solar chimneys, direct and indirect solar gains, shading, thermal inertia, natural ventilation) and the direct application on heating and cooling strategies that can be applied taking into account the different geographical and climatic zones of the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • To learn about the methodology and existing software for energetic analysis of buildings.
  • To know about the different building integration’s designs of active solar systems, and evaluate the optimization of these systems when applied to DHC.
  • To learn a correct methodology for the development of projects of energy efficiency in buildings; we will work on a case study.



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