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UNIDO - Observatory for Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

E-Learning Module: Solar Thermal Energy

The objective of the course on Solar-Thermal is to give a general overview of the potential applications of solar thermal technology, paying special attention to those that better fit to LAC region. Coming from fundamental physics knowledge up to outlining the most innovative technology approaches, the students will acquire the capability to elementary define and design a solar thermal system according to a specific application.


The most important objectives of this module are:


  • Understand the solar energy resource available in a particular location, to determine the potential of using solar thermal energy.
  • Defining the typology of the solar thermal systems that can be installed at each site and for each application, identifying its main components.
  • Understand the operation of solar thermal systems and their integration in conventional energy systems.
  • Elementary define and design solar thermal systems.
  • Analyze the different operating modes and system automation and control.



Course Presentation
Course Outline