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UNIDO - Observatory for Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Geo-referenced Information System for Renewable Energy (GIS)

Application's capture - Solar potential

Renewable energy sources have a significant contribution to meet the growing energy demand in a sustainable manner. These energy sources have a wide geographical distribution, which makes difficult the energy planning of a particular region. In order to manage spatial data together with information on renewable energy, we present the Geo-referenced Information System for Renewable Energy.


This application provides a set of information that can be accessed and viewed through interactive online maps. This allows for the efficient presentation of  different energy sources locations, taking into account the production potential for each source and the different renewable energy generating units. Moreover, it allows the understanding of what exists and what can be developed in the field of renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.



Warning: The system should preferably be consulted in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Some characteristics are affected when the system is accessed via other browsers.


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